BRO wipes

A handy and travel pack wet wipes for Men

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What is
BRO wipes?

BRO wipes is handy and travel pack wet wipes for men.
Can combine with toilet paper and use as butt wipes. It's also flushable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What makes it different from other wipes?
The product is made of high quality material that is manufactured in Singapore. It is specially designed for men with a macho look. It's unscented so it will not interfere with your existing cologne.The packaging doesn't have any rainbows, flowers or feminine designs.
2How long is the shelf life?
3 years.
3Can it be reused?
That's absurd! Please don't do it.
4Will it irritate sensitive skin?
Our product contains vitamin E, aloe vera and chamomile. BRO wipes is also FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered. In rare cases that rashes or allergies starts to develop, please discontinue use and consult your doctor.
5The wipes can be used which part of the body?
The wipes are for external use only. You can use it for your face, hands, legs, feet, private parts and butt for a quick clean up.
6How to dispose?
Be a gentleman, dispose the sachet in the trash bin. The wipes can be flushed. In any circumstance where water is not available, you know the drill, kindly dispose the used item properly.
7Who can use the wipes?
All men are welcome to use it, except, babies and kids.
8How can you purchase the product?
At the meantime, the wipes can be purchased online and it is available at and Shopee. It will be available soon to other shops and known retailers.
9What is the goal of BRO wipes?
Firstly, the team brought this product in the Philippines not just a generic wipes for use. To be distinguished from the wipes that are available from the market (baby wipes, feminine wipes, all purpose wipes and other types). Secondly, the wipes are intended to be part of your manly kit aside from your hankies, shavers, perfumes, tissues, towels, etc. It was specially designed that can be kept in your pockets, wallets and bag. Lastly, we want you to be neat and clean. Look fresh at all times and put a smile on your face. Enjoy the product!

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BRO wipes

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